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A pest is anything that competes with humans, domestic animals, or desirable plants for food or water; injures humans, animals, desirable plants, structures, or possessions; spreads diseases to humans, domestic animals, wildlife, desirable plants; and annoys humans or domestic animals. These types of pests include insects such as roaches, termites, mosquitoes, beetles, fleas, ticks, mites and spiders. Microbial organisms such as bacteria fungi nematodes viruses and weeds, which are plants growing where they are not wanted, are also considered pests.

Most organisms are not considered to be a pest. A species may be a pest in some situations and not in others. An organism should not be considered a pest until it is proven to be one. Pest identification is the first step to an effective pest management program. Never attempt a pest control program until you are sure of what that pest is. The more you know about the pest and the factors that influence its development, the easier, more cost effective and more successful your pest control will be. Correct identification of a pest allows you to determine basic information about it including its life cycle and the time that it is most susceptible to being controlled. You must be familiar with the pest you are likely to encounter.

To be able to identify and control pests you need to know the physical feature of the pest likely to be encountered, characteristics of the damage they cause, their development, and their biology. Our control methods vary depending upon the many different types of pest infestations. Certain methods include: baiting, monitoring, trapping, pest proofing and the use of growth regulators. Applications of liquid, dust and granules are also used in a specific way to target certain pests. Our pest control methods include integrated pest management strategies to reduce or minimize the use of pesticides in any given environment. We use a much targeted approach in controlling any given pest problem to insure our customers receive the most effective and safe quality service money can buy.


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